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Rumley Family Chiropractic P.A.: Auto Accident Injury FAQs

Nobody leaves their house in the morning assuming that they are going to be involved in an auto accident; however, an accident can happen at any time. Regardless of whether the accident was a minor fender bender or a multi-car pileup, an injury is always a possibility. There are numerous injuries that someone might sustain and it is important for everyone to know what to do in the event of an accident. Fortunately, the helpful team from Rumley Family Chiropractic P.A. is here to answer some of the most common questions that residents of the Orlando and Winter Park, FL area might have.

Auto Accident Injury FAQs:

What are some of the most common auto accident injuries?

There are several common injuries that someone might suffer in an auto accident. In addition to the common bumps and scrapes, whiplash is also very common. This happens when the neck snaps back and forth quickly, causing stress to the cervical ligaments. This can manifest as a stick, painful neck that makes it hard for people to turn their head from side to side. Another common injury is a herniated disc, which happens when the cushion between the vertebrae pops. This can lead to shooting pains down the arms and legs.

Can these injuries lead to chronic pain following an auto accident?

Yes! These injuries can lead to chronic pain that might last for days, weeks, or even months. Sometimes, the pain doesn’t show up until sometime after the accident, making it hard for people to tie their discomfort to an accident that happened in the past. This pain can make it hard for someone to go to work, attend school, or even get out of bed in the morning. Because of this, it is vital for everyone to receive the proper treatment for their injuries.

Can a trained chiropractor help with injuries after an auto accident?

When someone has been involved in a motor vehicle collision, it is important to receive treatment as quickly as possible. This means taking a visit to a trained chiropractor. Whether it is a back injury, a neck injury, or even an issue with shooting pains, a trained chiropractor has tools to make someone feel more comfortable. By performing an adjustment of the spine, individuals can leave the office feeling much better.

Trust a Trained Chiropractor

An auto accident can leave someone with significant discomfort. Anyone who has been involved in an auto accident should visit Rumley Family Chiropractic P.A. today. We have been helping the families of the Winter Park and Orlando, FL areas from day one. Please call us today at (407) 277-0046 to see how we can help you.