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We value our patients' experience at Rumley Family Chiropractic P.A.. If you are currently a chiropractic patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Dr. Matthew Rumley
Your Winter Park Chiropractor

Dr. Rumley and his wife are absolutely wonderful! When I came to them a couple weeks ago I was in extreme pain, searching for relief. Dr. Rumley was able to schedule me for an MRI the next day (Saturday) and into see a spine specialist within 1 week. It's only been 3 weeks but I am almost back to my whole self! His wife and their massage therapist , are so personable. It's great to walk Into such a warm and friendly environment. I would definitely recommend his office to all my family, friends and coworkers!
-Amber Haynie 

The staff is extremely awesome! They make me feel like I'm at home. Great couple! The hospitality is wonderful. I love them and never had treatment like they gave me. I would suggest them to anyone.
-Dunya H

"It takes an amazing soul to care for a patient"

Dr. Rumley and his staff has not only taken me under his wing to help with my injuries, but has also cared for my family and My well being when we were going through the loss of a family member. Anyone can be a chiropractor or a doctor. But it takes an amazing soul to care for a patient. It's very fortunate to have a doctor who truly cares for your well being. Thank you so much Dr. Rumley -Jennifer Ha

"Will recommend to everyone I know"

"Rumley Family Chiropractic is the best wellness office in central florida. Everyone is friendly and knowledgeable. Their recovery plan is efficient and helps you get back to where you need to be. They treat you like a friend, not a client. Will recommend to everyone I know." -Kashiem Alston

" Receive the wonderful care that they provide after you've been injured"

Rumley Family Chiropractic has been an wonderful success in my recovery.I was always treated with courtesy and respect. Rumley Family Chiropractic always made sure I received the proper treatment upon my recovery.After receiving treatment from the Rumley Family Chiropractic I feel 100% better. Rumley Family Chiropractic also gave wonderful gifts to my family that was greatly appreciated.Thanks and my family would recommend everyone to attend Rumley Family Chiropractic for injuries. From my fiance :My fiancé attended Rumley Family Chiropractic and the care from this chiropractic has done a wonderful job in his recovery.They worked great with his schedule and always gave us courtesy calls reminding us for our appointments due to our busy schedules.I would recommend everyone to Rumley Family Chiropractic to receive the wonderful care that they provide after you've been injured.Also at the time that my fiancé was attending to this chiropractic we gave birth to our daughter,Rumley family chiropractic gave us a wonderful gift for our newborn child and we greatly appreciate the gift.You guys are awesome. -Jonathan Frazier & Fiance

 Europe's finest footballers

We are very proud to have worked with one of Europe's finest footballers. Recently transferred from Tottenham to Swansea City, Gylfi Sigurdsson was voted player of the year by his teammates in 2009-10 and 2010-11 for Reading and Hoffenheim respectively.A champion is someone who does not settle for that day's practice, that day's competition, that day's performance. They are always striving to be better.

"we are feeling better"

Being under the care of the Rumley Family since my accident in June 2015 has been a great experience. They took really good care of my sister and I during our time of therapy and because of that we're feeling better and it will also help us in the long run. The staff is awesome and friendly and they make you feel like family :).Also if you have kids you can bring them along, their daughter is always at the office and she will be more than happy to meet new kids and has plenty of toys to share.If they can help you in anyway regarding your case or information about your wellness they would. I would recommend them to anyone who's been in an accident or has any type of injury to come and see them. -Neyzyln Williams

"I have never felt better it was a great choice"

"They are very nice family and very generous"

This year I recently got into a car accident with my boyfriend and we were referred to Rumley Family Chiropractic for treatment. They took great care of us each visit we went to and helped us get better over the months. They are a very nice family and very generous. We recommend this place better than any other place!

-Kayla Pollack

" Felt like a family from the get to go"

I got into a car accident. My first one ever in fact. I wasn't really sure where to turn or what to do, but I knew my back and neck were pretty messed up and I needed some help. I did a quick Google search and found exactly what I needed. The Rumley Family website was very professional appearing and they got back to me quickly. I started my treatment and felt like a part of the family from the get go. Treatment was consistent and they paid deep attention to where I actually hurt unlike some doctors that tell you what hurts when it doesn't. Im very satisfied and I would come back again. - Zebulon Clark

"Staff really went above and beyond"

"After being struck by a car on my bicycle, Dr. Rumley and staff really went above and beyond to help with my recovery. This wellness center was very accommodating with getting me treated when it was most convenient with my busy work schedule. They have such a comfortable facility and friendly staff that I would recommend this place to everyone in Central Florida. Thanks to Rumley Family Chiropractic I am back on the bike and things couldn't be better!"   -Derek Spear

"You get treated as part of their family"

"I highly recommend Dr.Rumley and his staff for providing expert care in a clean facility that provides all the latest technology that ensures healing and recovery. On top of that, you get treated as part of their family. It doesn't get better than this!!"  -Tony Portuondo

"He is a very competent doctor"

"I had a car accident, my car was stopped when another car came and hit my behind. starting this monento I started to have strong pain in my spine and my neck. And I went to the Doctor Matthew, the clinic it has the best equipment and staff, now my sorrows are already better, he's a very competent doctor, he treated my problems and my pains have gone. I recommend Doctor Matthew he's very good ."  -Camille Sangolqui 

"Their tremendous work"

"Hi, my name is Johnbapiste Greenaway better known as "JB". I just want to take the time out to thank Dr. Matthew Rumley of Rumley Family Chiropractic P.A. for helping me recover from my slip and fall injuries. As well as his staff for their tremendous work with assisting."  -Johnbaptiste Greenaway

"Dr.Matt extremely knowledgeable"

"Dr. Matt and his team are amazing. I have been a patient of his for a year now and since being under his care. He has successfully been able to treat my reoccurring migraines that I have dealt with for over 15 years.Not only is Dr. Matt extremely knowledgeable, but him and his entire team are compassionate, understanding, and up to date with all latest technology when dealing with chiropractic care. I always recommend him to my friends and coworkers because he is just that awesome!! "-Merritt Martin

"I am rapidly improving and gaining strength"

"I highly recommend Dr. Matt. and his staff. I have had several chiropractic visits in the past couple weeks and he is very thorough and effective. His cold laser therapy is what drew me to this practice initially, shortly after my knee surgery. I feel that I am rapidly improving and gaining strength and mobility.Check them out...I bet you will be pleased. "Joyce McLane

"They have been so kind"

"I would recommend this place to anyone! They have been so kind and were always willing to work with my crazy life schedule! It is clear they truly care about making their patients feel 100% again. Thank you so much to the entire team at Rumley Family Chiropractic P.A.! " -Kaylie Walker

"Great local practice"

"First week of Rehabilitation done after having switched from a previous doctor and the results are already taking place. The professionalism is great. Dr. Rumley runs a great local practice." Myles Telzer

"Life changing experience"

"I was in a car accident. I felt fine right after the accident, did not think I was injured badly as I was. That following day, I began to shows sign of inflammation in my left knee. I went to the ER they prescribed me Tramadol and Flexeril to ease the pain and to relax the muscles. The medication did nothing but made me sleepy,so I decided to visit this chiropractic clinic upon a referral. Dr. Rumley advised that I come for treatment and repair for a course of approximately 2 months.

Before going to Dr.Rumley I was unable to walk up and down the stairs,stand for a long period of time,sleep comfortably,and I also had trouble with sitting and standing frequently without my knee and back irritating me/feeling uncomfortable. Over the next 2 months of going to regular treatment I am able to run up and down the stairs,I can sleep with comfort,and be sociable like I use to with no pain and no discomfort. With this clinic I know that I made a right decision in making a life changing experience with being a patient at an excellent chiropractic clinic." -Jessica Priest

"Literally put him back on his feet"

"My dad went to see this chiropractor because he twisted his back and felt terrible pain. The Dr. literally put him back on his feet as he could barely walk into his office, after the first visit his pain was reduced. His staff is very friendly and helpful." -Stephanie Williams

" I was extremely pleased"

"I feel GREAT - Dr. Rumley was the best chiropractor I have been to. He confidently and thoroughly explained what I could expect from my first visit. Upon initial consultation he told me what I could expect. Dr. Rumley made sure that I understood how my musculature, skeletal, and nervous system work in my overall health. I was extremely pleased with his bedside manner. " -Michael Gonzalez

"Treatment was beyond my expectations"

"Amazing staff. VERY friendly and professional. Dr. Rumley was very easy to talk to and he knew how to pin point my back pain area very quickly and effectively. The treatment I received was beyond my expectations. Very affordable and reasonable prices for the excellent treatment provided. I walked out feeling brand new, my back feels great just after one visit!" -Daniel Moon

" Office is courteous"

I have received the best chiropractic care since starting at Rumley Family Chiropractic P.A., everyone in the office is courteous and genuine towards assisting my healing process" -Robert Cook

'Were able to help me through this ordeal"

I had a car accident recently and I went here to be treated. The staff and Dr. Rumley were great - very friendly and were able to help me through this ordeal. I had a lot of pain in my neck and after treatments I am feeling much better. There were a couple of times that the neck pain was really bad and I called and they were able to squeeze me in. Great experience! I would recommend them to anyone.-Josh Tillotson

"Very pleased"

We had a car accident a few months ago and I felt like I couldn't move...my neck was stiff and I could barely walk my back hurt so bad. So I went to see Dr Matt and I felt much better after the first visit and we had more energy with every visit. Dr Matt and his staff are awesome...they helped us get back to work and enjoying life with much less pain. I couldn't believe how much better we felt without even taking my meds. His office taught us that we shouldn't be scared of pain but instead focus on what is causing the pain. My wife and I were very pleased and we recommend this office to any one that's gone through what we did. Thanks guys!! -Andy Racz 

"Dedicated to getting you well"

I was referred to Dr. Rumley's office by a co-worker about 2 and a half months ago after a pretty intense car crash. I have never met anyone person, let alone an entire staff as dedicated to getting you well and keeping you that way as I have found with Dr. Rumley and his staff. Everyone has an absolute passion for keeping their patients happy and healthy.If you are reading this because you are in pain and in need of a true professional in the field of chiropractic care, I can't recommend strongly enough to go see Dr. Rumley and his staff, you'll be glad you did. -Monica Bricka

"Really high quality of care"

I usually don't do reviews, but my family had a car accident and after the whole nightmare that took the process. We choose a chiropractor. Dr's Rumley office "Rumley Family Chiropractic P.A.". It was very easy to see how he care his patients. Really high quality care and don't make you wait. I definitely recommend this office.- Georgina Rodriguez

"almost NO PAIN"

The Rumley family has been awesome and after my car accident the several treatments helped me out a lot. i went to severe pain to almost NO PAIN. i recommend anyone who is in need of chiropractic care to give them a call asap!! - Derrick Herron

"Dr.Matt is the best"

Personally, I am a young successful business owner, happy but stressed. In 2012, I began certain neck stretches before getting out of bed based on Dr. Matt's suggestion. After my sessions has made my neck pain disappear, the stretches caused me to be symptom free for years! He has helped me with back injuries, bone shifts, a skiing accident... its nice to have found a Doctor that is so widely knowledgeable and able to educate his patients rather than just fixing them.Dr. Matt Rumley interned/assisted, and eventually ended up taking over an established wellness/pain center in a nice part of town. With the Rumley Family in charge, there seems to be a constant stream of repeat-visitors. There is a very simple reason for this....Dr. Matt is the best! -Michael Schauben

"We will miss the people here"

Going to the doctor is never a fun experience. However, after my friend had a car accident we were referred to his office. It is very family friendly and welcoming. When his appointments end, even though it's a good sign to recovery, we will miss the people here. Everyone is professional and there are no surprises as to what the treatment will be. A wonderful experience all the way around! - Danielle Kerr

"I feel as if I am at home"

As an educator with a a busy schedule, I hated that I had to find time to go to the doctor! Yet, I needed to because I am constant pain daily. I was driving by and saw Dr. Rumley's office and they fit me in right away. I feel as if I am at home when I visit this office and their main concern is making sure I get back to my once physicality. I am so happy to be a patient in this office and would encourage any and everyone to visit. Amanda Jenkins

"I can say I'm 100% better"

I do a lot of Obstacle Course Racing and played soccer my whole life. I guess all of these activities took a toll on my back because I ended up with two herniated disks and a bulge. Went and saw Dr. Rumley and after my 12th session completed today of decompression therapy, I can say I'm 100% better. I am running again with no pain and it's like the injury never happened. This is saying a lot because back in June I spent 5 days where I could not even walk due to the pain. Dr. Rumley and his staff are great, they really make you feel welcomed and listen to what you have to say. Overall, great experience with my first chiropractor and I will continue to go see him monthly just to make sure everything is where it is supposed to be. Alexander Soutos 

Tuve un accidente de carro hace un par de meses y mi abogado 

me refirió con el Dr. MatthewRumley. Desde el primer dia senti el cambio en mi vida. El doctor y la gente que trabaja con él, me trataron como ser humano y familia, me atendieron sin restricciones y se enfocaron en todas las partes que me dolían sin preguntar si fue antes o despues del accidente. Mi terapia ha teminado pero me siento como con 20 años menos! Eh mejorado un 70% en general! Les recomiendo a todos que se traten con este Doctor porque veran la gran diferencia entre una oficina de quiropracticos donde ponen a todos los pacientes a hacer los mismos ejercicios sin importar que los dolores de los pacientes sean diferentes, aquí con el Dr.Matthew el tratamiento es personalizado.-Luz Romero 

I was in a car accident and this guys did a great job, Highly recommend them. -

Klaus Contreras

"I was impressed"

I enjoy going to Rumley family chiropractic just because in 3 months I feel so much better. Immediately, I felt comfortable and was impressed with the level of service I had received. Dr. Rumley has gotten rid of my neck and back pain. He's very knowledgable and I highly recommend this practice.-Migdalia Esquivel

"They make you feel comfortable"

I was in a car accident with my brother and since the first day we went there we started to feel

better, they really know what they are doing, the staff is very friendly, they are very clean with all the machines, they make you feel comfortable. %100 guarantied - Carlos Contreras 

"They go above & beyond"

A few months ago I was involved in a car accident, not knowing that for months to come it would result in me having to undergo therapy. As I searched the web I came across Rumley Family Chiropractic & because of the convenient location I figured why not give them a try. When I first walked in the office I instaneously picked up a great vibe from their beautiful daughter Katherine smile, to the humble & beautiful spirit of the wife & secretary/assistant. They go above & beyond working as a team, striving for excellence in anyway possible - Aunese Crayton

"doctor Rumley very knowledgeable"

I recommend this place to anybody, whether it's for maintaining your spinal health or getting help after an accident. The staff is extremely helpful and nice and doctor Rumley is very knowledgeable and the results I got from only a few visits are incredible. No more headaches!! Thank you for your help!- Victoria JeBailey 


"Great Place!!!!!! "

 Dr. Rumley and his staff are extremely nice. I love how the entire staff  makes you feel welcomed as though you are old friends by greeting you  with your name. Everyone is always pleasant and the office is really  inviting and nice. Each staff member is skilled and work diligently to  ensure the office continues to run smoothly. Dr. Rumley takes the time  to engage you in conversation in an attempt to make you comfortable  while analyzing how your day to day may be contributing to your injuries  or cause of your visits. He is extremely pleasant with his recommendationsand generally shows care for his patients.- Daniella Anthony 

"They were able to treat my back with no pain, or hassle. They're nice, and caring, and I would definitely recommend them." Cristopher Beltran 

"Wonderful people"

"Great place! Wonderful people!!I went in for past car accident pain and regular day to day pain and they make me feel better with each appointment! I strongly recommend going here!!" -Cassandra Bates 

"Very helpful with my injuries " 

"Very nice staff and very helpful with my injuries. I am looking forward to the road to recovery with Rumley Family Chiropractic." - Charlene Krombel

"Extremely nice and caring"

I came here after a somewhat negative experience with a previous chiropractor and I'm very glad I did. Dr. Rumley and his staff are great. Everyone is extremely nice and caring. They are always very accommodating with my busy work schedule. And I definitely feel way better after my accident in April.Highly recommend! EmilyP



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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I got into a car accident. My first one ever in fact. I wasn't really sure where to turn or what to do, but I knew my back and neck were pretty messed up and I needed some help. I did a quick Google search and found exactly what I needed. The Rumley Family website was very professional appearing and they got back to me quickly. I started my treatment and felt like a part of the family from the get go. Treatment was consistent and they paid deep attention to where I actually hurt unlike some doctors that tell you what hurts when it doesn't. Im very satisfied and I would come back again"
    Zebulon Clark Orlando, FL
  • ""They are very nice family and very generous"

    This year I recently got into a car accident with my boyfriend and we were referred to Rumley Family Chiropractic for treatment. They took great care of us each visit we went to and helped us get better over the months. They are a very nice family and very generous. We recommend this place better than any other place!"
    Kayla Pollack

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